Jack Impala was created by two friends who started a new project called Jack Impala in the summer of 2020. A project inspired by two different characters and styles merged into one completely new brand. Jack Impala aims to create something completely new in the lifestyle fashion scene in terms of comfort and exclusivity.


      Our motto "Comfort in Excentrique Fashion" represents a clothing brand that prioritizes both comfort and eccentric or unique style in its designs. It conveys the idea that fashion can be bold, creative, and individualistic while still ensuring that the wearer feels comfortable in their clothing. This brand stands for the belief that fashion should not only be visually striking but also practical and enjoyable to wear.


      Mission & Vision

      Our mission

      Jack Impala's mission is to create lifestyle products based on comfort and exclusivity.

      Our view

      To make people feel good through Jack Impala products.

      core values

      Jack Impala is based on 3 values:

      • Jack Impala products offer comfort
      • Jack Impala products are exclusive due to the unique twist that is given to each design, characteristic of Jack Impala
      • Jack Impala products are produced in an ecologically responsible way and from the highest quality

      Corporate identity manual and business plan

      Interested in our house style manual and/or business plan? Feel free to send us a request email to contact@jackimpala.com !